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Tên sản phẩm Đầu báo khí CO và nhiệt PL 3300 COBT
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Intelligent multi sensor detector for the loop3000 series featuring sensor technology for carbon monoxide detection in combination with two thermal detectors and an integrated Isolator for earliest detection and indication for all environments with difficult ambient conditions, in accordance to EN 54-5/-17

For the earliest detection of smouldering fires of all kinds including electrical. The PL 3300 COBT continuously monitors the temperature and the CO-concentration.


-          Alarm evaluation with professional CO-sensor technology

-          Measurement of carbon monoxid with 2 alarm thresholds

Prealarm: 15 ppm in 15 min

Alarm:      30 ppm in 60 min

-          Integrated acoustic indication for CO-pre alarm and CO-alarm

-          Highest reliability by intelligent combination of thermal and CO sensor via algorithm

-          Integrated temperature measurement as rate of rise procedure and maximum value in accordance to EN54-5

-          Periodic sensor test

-          Automatic and manual addressing on the loop3000

-          Integrated Isolator and T-branch option

-          Alarm output for the triggering of a LED indicators

-          Functions completely integrated via loop3000 protocol

-          Disable and enable modes with individually adjustable sensitivities

-          Multicolour-LED for alarm (red) and fault (yellow)

-          Delivery including protective cover for installation phase

CO-Sensor lifetime

5 years

Operation voltage

15 to 30 V DC loop powered

Quiescent current

600 μA

Alarm current

5 mA


max. 10 mA for LED-indicator or piezo buzzer


CO - Alarm at 30 ppm, heat accord. to EN 54 - 5 1A

Ambient temperature

-10°C to +60°C


max. 93 % (+/-2%)

Air speed

< 20 m/s

Protection class

IP 40

Colour housing

White (similar to RAL 9003)



Dimensions (H x Ø)

52 mm x 100 mm

CPD - Number


VdS approval  

G 207005

System approval

S 295054 and S 208123


DIN EN 54-5, EN 54-17

General remark

The Carbon Monoxide detector requires calibrating once a year

to ensure the high detection levels is maintained





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