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Tên sản phẩm Đầu báo khói nhiệt thông minh PL 3300 OTi
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Intelligent addressable optical and thermal multi sensor detector for loop circuit with 2 optical and 2 thermal sensors and potential bidirectional isolator for earliest fire detection and indication in all environments with difficult ambient conditions according to DIN EN 54-5/7 and CEA4021


-          Highest reliability by intelligent combination of thermal and optical sensor signals with via algorithms

-          Exact pollution recognition by an additional independent  measuring chamber

-          Integrated temperature measurement as rate of rise procedure and maximum value in accordance to EN54-5 1A

-          Detector sensitivities automatically calibrated and freely programmable

-          Fault monitoring of the measurement chamber signal and  loop electronics

-          Periodic sensor test

-          Automatic and manual addressing on the loop

-          Possibility for integrated Isolator and T-branch option

-          Alarm output for the triggering of a LED indicators

-          Functions completely integrated via loop protocol

-          Disable and enable modes with individually adjustable sensitivities

-          Storage of last maintenance date

-          Self learning modes for the ambient conditions

-          Display of the temperature environments of the fire detection system by a second temperature measurement

-          Multicolour-LED for alarm- (red) and fault (yellow)

-          Delivery including protective cover for installation phase

-          Mode for adapting to environmental conditions

-          Integrated isolator and t-branch (spur) facility

-          Multicolor LED for alarm (red) and fault (yellow)


Technical data

Operation voltage

15 to 30 V DC loop powered

Quiescent current

280 μA

Alarm current

5 mA


max. 10 mA for LED-indicator or piezo buzzer


5 levels adjustable

Ambient temperature

 -10°C to +60°C


max. 93 % (+/-2%)

Air speed

< 20m/s

Protection class

IP 40

Colour housing

white (similar to RAL 9003)



Dimensions (H x Ø)

52 mm x 100 mm


DIN EN 54–7, EN 54-5, CEA 4021

VdS approval  

G 205051

System approval

S 295054 and S 208123



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